Who We Are

St. Aidan’s is a community of apprentices to Jesus who are in a lifelong apprenticeship learning how to live the life he wants us to live. So getting involved is about being an apprentice of Jesus—learning from the Master how to live life as God intends.  To help us stay focused on that end we frame Christian discipleship—our apprenticeship—around four practices:  Worship, Community, Formation and Mission. These 4 Practices capture, in broad brushstrokes, the way of life Jesus is teaching us to live as his disciples.

St. Aidan’s also places a high value on children and families because we believe that discipleship must happen within the context of communities of faith, and the most basic model for these communities is the family. We want to make room in our community for the intentional and deep discipling of families and children, and to provide opportunities for further discipleship of all members of our congregation through weekly Bible studies, adult education classes, and community life activities.

St. Aidan’s Church is an Anglican Church in the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes, led by Bishop Rogers Ames. We are members of the Anglican Communion under the authority of the Anglican Church of North America (the ACNA).